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Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Fridge

The refrigerator is one of those appliances that make modern life possible. Though humans have been trying to keep perishable foods cool for many thousands of years, the invention of the refrigerator has made this effortless. However, it does take a bit of effort to make sure your fridge keeps on working to keep food cold and safe to eat. Here are a few tips.

Keep the Fridge Clean

The importance of keeping both the inside and the outside of the refrigerator clean goes beyond mere aesthetics. A dirty fridge encourages the growth of mold, mildew, dangerous bacteria, and other pathogens. Keeping the condenser coils clean helps keep the temperature inside the refrigerator stable. To clean a condenser you’ll need to unplug the refrigerator, and you may need to pull it away from the wall. Use a vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment or a special, inexpensive brush you can buy at the hardware store.

Cleaning also means tossing out old food. This not only makes room for fresh food but also improves the circulation of cold air. It’s good practice to clean your fridge every two or three months.

Make Sure Gaskets Are Sound

According to some experts, one way to check if the seals or gaskets on your refrigerator door are still good is to close the door on a dollar bill and try to pull it out. If you have trouble pulling it out, the seals are good. If not, the gaskets may need replacing. Cleaning the gaskets is also a big part of cleaning the fridge in general.

Keep the Refrigerator Full but Not Too Full

One peculiar aspect of fridge thermodynamics is that it operates most efficiently when fairly full. This is because the cold air an item absorbs can lower the temperature of surrounding items. When a refrigerator is mostly empty, it expends excess energy attempting to cool a limited number of items, potentially leading to the freezing of items that are susceptible to freezing, like certain fruits and vegetables. Conversely, if the fridge is excessively packed, the food may block the vents and impede the circulation of cold air.

Check the Fridge’s Temperature

Ideally, the temperature of the refrigerator should be between 37 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit, while the temperature of the freezer should be 0 degrees F. Most refrigerators work most efficiently at these temperatures. A simple way to check the fridge’s temperature is to fill a glass of water, stick a thermometer in it, and leave it inside the fridge overnight. You can also, of course, ask an appliance professional for help.

Call for More Tips on Refrigerator Maintenance

It’s hard to imagine your life without a refrigerator, but it needs care. The best way to keep it in good shape is through professional repair and maintenance. If you’re looking for more maintenance tips or need refrigerator or freezer services in Louisville, KY, don’t hesitate to contact our professionals at The Appliance Man Kentuckiana.