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Open Refrigerator Filled With Fresh Foods

How to Keep Your Refrigerator in Top Shape

Your refrigerator is your home’s most hard-working appliance, keeping produce, dairy, and other items safely stored. Maintaining your fridge in top condition reduces the chances of a breakdown occurring at a bad time and causing food spoilage. Knowing some essential tips increases your chances of the refrigerator working properly for longer.

Check Your Fridge’s Door Seal

The door seal, also known as the gasket, can become cracked, hardened, or warped over time, resulting in air leaks even with the door closed. A gasket leak can lead to energy loss, making the fridge work harder and increasing wear on the components. If the gasket is no longer sealing, it is essential to contact a technician.

Keep the Vents Unobstructed

There should be sufficient clearance between items in the fridge and the vents. This way, cool air passes through the refrigerator more efficiently. Without efficient air circulation, the fridge must work harder, and there is a greater risk of breakdowns.

Keep the Condenser Coils Clean

The condenser, a component that releases heat as a part of the refrigeration process, is usually on the bottom rear of the fridge. Cleaning debris like dirt or hair off these coils keeps the refrigerator working efficiently.

Defrost Your Fridge Regularly

If they are not frost-free, single-door refrigerators often accumulate ice in the freezer compartment. Defrosting when you don’t have as many demands on your time is ideal so you can keep watch over everything. When you defrost regularly, it prevents energy loss from your fridge.

Set the Right Temperature for Better Cooling

Each model has a recommended temperature range for cooling. Many fridges use a scale-based system instead of a number-based system. “Normal” or “Medium” is a good setting to use for most cooling needs.

Ensure the Refrigerator Has Good Placement

A fridge should be at least an inch away from walls so that heat can disperse properly. The refrigerator needs to be level on every side. Otherwise, you might have food and beverage spillage.

Don’t Leave the Fridge Door Open for Too Long

When you keep your refrigerator door open too long, the fridge has to work harder to return to an ambient temperature. Being more mindful about what you need to grab before opening the door is a good idea. Temperature control is easier when you don’t leave the door open for as long.

When you have problems with your fridge, help from an experienced appliance technician is essential. To get expert refrigerator service in Louisville, KY, contact us at The Appliance Man Kentuckiana.