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Seven Tips to Avoid Overloading Your Freezer During the Summer

Frozen berries and vegetables in bags in freezer close up

During summer, freezers become easily cluttered as you purchase a plethora of food for summer cookouts, celebrations, and family gatherings. Over time, you struggle to fit foodstuffs in your freezer because you are trying to cram so much in there to prevent it from going bad. Overstuffing your freezer, however, decreases efficiency and increases the […]

Four Essential Appliances to Add to Your Spring Cleaning

Cute funny blond kid boy baking muffins in domestic kitchen. Child having fun with helping, sitting near ofen and waiting for cupcakes.

Spring is the perfect season for a big cleaning spree. The major parts of the house should be washed, vacuumed, and wiped down. Your appliances should also be looked over and cleaned. These pieces of equipment are used regularly but often overlooked until a repair is needed. 1. Refrigerator The refrigerator helps preserve perishable foods. […]