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The inside of a dishwasher with glasses

Tips to Make Sure Your Dishwasher Is Ready for the Holidays

The dishwasher is one of the hardest working appliances in your home. This is especially true during the holidays. The last thing you want is something to go wrong with the dishwasher while you have guests over. Do yourself a favor, and check for potential problems before your guests arrive.

Don’t Wait

Give yourself at least a few weeks to fix any problems with the dishwasher before the guests arrive. If you find something is wrong with it, you may need to call a plumber.

Give the Front a Sparkling Shine

Give the front panel a good cleaning, and wipe away any of the stains that may have gone unnoticed. Don’t underestimate the impact a sparkling shine on the front of the dishwasher will have on the overall look of the kitchen. While you’re at it, check for any cracks, leaks, or water stains near the dishwasher.

Soften Hard Water

Hard water leaves stains on the dishes, which can look worse than normal during the holidays. These stains are especially noticeable on glasses, but they can be obvious on plates too. Soften the water before the holidays so you can feel confident when you serve your guests.

Clean or Replace the Dishwasher Filter

Manual-clean filters need to be washed out every two or three months. If that is the type you have, determine whether it needs to be cleaned out or replaced. Be careful in case there is broken glass in the filter.

Clean Out the Dishwasher Spray Arms

The spray arms are the long dishwasher parts that spray hot water during the wash and rinse cycles. Depending on the dishwasher, there are one, two, or three spray arms. Check the holes on the arms to make sure they aren’t clogged.

Determine If You Need to Increase the Water Temperature

The optimal water temperature is right around 120 degrees Fahrenheit, no higher. To test the level, measure the temperature of hot water from the kitchen tap. Be sure to run hot water from the faucet for one full minute first.

Make Sure the Dishwasher Drains Properly

After running the dishwasher, make sure the water has fully drained away. If you see a pool of water at the bottom of the dishwasher, you may have a problem.

Keep Your Dishwasher Humming Through the Holidays

If you need repairs to your dishwasher or routine maintenance to ensure everything is working correctly, call or visit us at The Appliance Man Kentuckiana in Louisville, KY. We’re here to help keep your dishwasher working optimally no matter how many dishes you need to clean over the holidays.