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Safeguarding Your Home Appliances From Your Kids

It’s true what they say: Kids are curious little creatures. And, of course, curiosity can create a lot of mischief when it comes to your home appliances. So, if you want to keep your children away from all the buttons, knobs, and cords of danger that are just begging to be touched, it’s time to childproof your home appliances. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your kids safe from harm.

Fence Off Dangerous Appliances

If you have large or tall appliances that kids can reach, create a “fence” to block access. This is especially important for kitchen and laundry room appliances like dishwashers or dryers.

To create a fence, stack a few boxes or use an overturned chair or table. That way, your kids won’t be tempted to play with dangerous appliances. Just make sure the fence is sturdy enough to contain them!

Keep Small Items Out of Reach

Children love to explore and investigate their environment, and kitchen appliances can provide endless opportunities for fun if you’re not careful. Use childproof locks on your cabinets or drawers, and make sure to store any small items, like batteries or spare parts from appliances, out of reach.

You can also take advantage of your appliances’ settings to keep curious children safe. For instance, if you have a stove top with knobs, set the temperature low to avoid accidental burns. For ovens, you can set a timer and ensure the door is locked when it’s in use.

Attach Appliances to Walls

Not all appliances are small enough to fit in a drawer or cupboard. So, if you’ve got an oven, a fridge, or a washing machine, securing the appliance to your wall is a good idea. That way, your child won’t be able to pull it over by accident, reducing the risk of injury or damage.

If the walls in your home are already full of pictures and shelves, there’s another way to go about it. For example, you could buy special straps designed for the purpose or use some strong rope to tie the appliance to a certain solid object, like a kitchen bench.

Secure All Cords and Wires

It’s essential to ensure all cords and wires are safely tucked away and out of reach of children. This will prevent them from sticking their little fingers into any outlets or plugs that could cause an electrical shock. You should also consider the use of plastic outlet covers for added protection.

For extra security, you could invest in cord protectors that can be placed around the base of any cords that are particularly close to your children.

These are just a few of the tips and tricks you can use to make your home appliances safe for your kids. With these precautions, you can rest assured knowing that no matter how curious your children may be, they won’t be able to get into any trouble. You can work with a professional if you need help with childproofind your home appliance or have further questions about appliance safety. The Appliance Man Kentuckiana in Louisville, KY can help you service your microwaves, stoves and ovens, so contact us today.