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Garbage Disposal Maintenance to Keep It in Top Condition

Your garbage disposal breaks down food waste before sending it on through the drain in your sink. When the garbage disposal malfunctions, it can lead to an unpleasant and unsanitary food buildup in the mechanism. In a worst-case scenario, you won’t be able to use it at all. Learn how to prevent garbage disposal failure with proper garbage disposal maintenance.

Dispose of Food Waste Thoughtfully

Certain items should not go into your garbage disposal at all since they can cause damage to the garbage disposal’s mechanism or create a clogged sink drain.

Here are some of the items you should never put down your garbage disposal:

  • Fibrous fruits and vegetables (celery, for example)
  • Produce skins
  • Coffee grounds
  • Shells (peanut shells, eggshells, etc.)
  • Bones
  • Fat, grease, and oil

You should dispose of these items in your garbage can. Keep a container under the sink for grease, fat, and oil, and throw it away once it becomes full.

Put Ice Down the Disposal

Your garbage disposal has blades that break down the waste you put through it. These blades can become dull over time. In order to keep your blades sharp, you can put ice down the drain and use the garbage disposal to grind it up. The ice will sharpen the blades. If the blades become too dull, you may have to replace them.

Flush the Garbage Disposal With Water

Every time you run the garbage disposal, you should flush the drain with water for about 20 seconds. Flushing the garbage disposal with water will help remove any excess waste left in the unit. If you flush the disposal with water after each use, it will make future cleaning much easier.

Clean the Garbage Disposal

Every couple of months, you should clean the garbage disposal manually. Always be very sure power is off to the mechanism before you start by removing large food remains with your hands.

Once this is done, turn the power back on. Next, you should put salt and ice down the garbage disposal. The natural abrasive properties of the ice will help remove leftover food particles on the blades. You can also put vinegar and baking soda down the garbage disposal. The combination creates a chemical response that safely breaks down organic material in your drain. The vinegar will also help deodorize the drain, as garbage disposals can emit foul odors over time.

Get Professional Garbage Disposal Maintenance

If you cook often, your garbage disposal probably means a lot to you. Therefore, you should make a point to have it professionally inspected and fixed if you notice any serious issues with it. Contact the Appliance Man Kentuckiana for garbage disposal service in Louisville, KY.