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Reasons to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal Regularly

There are many reasons to maintain the garbage disposal that serves your kitchen daily. A garbage disposal may not seem like the center of the kitchen, but if it breaks down, it can cause a headache right away. This appliance helps keep your kitchen tidy, minimizes what you put in your trash bin, and helps ensure that the work you do in the kitchen runs smoothly. Without a garbage disposal, everyday tasks become much more difficult.

Ways to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

Cleaning the garbage disposal in your home regularly will help ensure that it remains in good condition. To clean it, use baking soda, vinegar, and hot water.

Don’t overload the garbage disposal. Don’t grind more than one cup of food at a time. This ensures that the disposal has enough space to do its job and not get overloaded or overheated. Sharpen the blades every once in a while by grinding a few ice cubes.

If you notice odors from your garbage disposal, citrus fruits like lemon help give it a fresh scent. Let water flow for a while after grinding food items to make sure that all of the waste flushes out.

Items to Avoid

A garbage disposal isn’t for all foods. Certain foods shouldn’t go into it as they will dull the blades or start to clog the disposal. Keeping a list of foods that shouldn’t be put down the drain will help teach everyone in the house to use the right ways to dispose of foods.

You can put a container for compost by the sink so that fewer items go into the garbage disposal. Items like coffee grounds, egg shells, and tough potato skins are great for composting but not great for the garbage disposal.

You should also avoid bones, pasta, rice, and big pieces of meat when it comes to using your disposal. It is better to put these items in the trash.

Grease, oil, and fat can also go in a container by the sink or stove to allow them to cool. Then you can reuse them for cooking or throw them into the trashcan when they are completely cooled.

Run the Disposal Regularly

Running the garbage disposal in your home regularly will ensure that the parts stay clean and lubricated. Regular movement is essential to keeping components working properly and preventing parts from getting corroded.

Maintaining your garbage disposal will help keep it healthy as long as possible. If you need help with your garbage disposal or other appliances, contact The Appliance Man Kentuckiana in Louisville, KY.