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Under the sink garbage disposal unit.

Discover the Pros and Cons of Different Garbage Disposals

The different types of garbage disposals include batch feed and continuous-feed models. A batch feed disposal includes a safety cover, has a large capacity, and requires a fairly large under-sink space. A continuous-feed model lacks a cover, has a small to medium capacity, and typically needs less under-sink space.

People like both types of garbage disposals because they allow you to scrape dirty dishes straight into your sink without blocking your kitchen pipes. However, disposals have disadvantages, too. We explore the pros and cons below.

Pros of Different Types of Garbage Disposals

Different types of garbage disposals offer these advantages:

1. They Help Protect the Pipes at Home

When preparing a meal, you often have vegetable peels and other inedible scraps to dispose of. After eating, you’re likely to find yourself with a pile of dishes that have bits of leftover food stuck on them. Since we get extremely busy, it can be tempting to simply scrape everything into the sink instead of putting it in the trash can.

Too many scraps in the sink can clog the pipes in your kitchen. Sometimes, the blockage is so bad that you will need to replace the pipes altogether. Fortunately, this is a problem you can easily solve with a garbage disposal that lets you grind food debris into small particles that are highly unlikely to get stuck in your pipes.

2. They Make Cleanup a Breeze

When your sink has a garbage disposal, you will be able to quickly and easily deal with unwanted bits of food by simply scraping them into the sink. Cleaning becomes effortless, and placing food scraps into the sink also reduces the chances of small crumbs ending up on the floor when you carry dirty plates to and from the trash can.

3. They’re Fairly Affordable

The cost of a garbage disposal varies widely. You can spend hundreds of dollars on one, but you can also find them for as little as $50. The installation of a garbage disposal unit is normally an easy, low-cost job for an experienced plumber.

Another thing to note is that the typical lifespan of garbage disposals varies from eight to 10 years when used and maintained correctly. They are reliable units that make disposing of food a no-brainer as well as help extend the lifespan of the pipes in your home.

Cons of Different Types of Garbage Disposals

The main downside of garbage disposals is that they need regular maintenance. Whether you have a continuous-feed garbage disposal or a batch-feed model, you will have to clean it regularly. Even when used correctly, garbage disposals tend to end up with food particles lingering inside. These particles decay over time and start to stink.

To avoid this situation, we recommend that you turn off the power of your garbage disposal and clean it at least once a week. Maintaining your garbage disposal prevents food from decaying inside and extends its lifespan.

Other cons of garbage disposal units include these:

  • They can clog, break, or jam.
  • They require careful use.
  • Most of them only handle light food scraps.

Although a garbage disposal may have a few cons, th pros still make it a worthy investment, especially if you want to streamline food prep and spend as little time as possible cleaning dishes after meals. If you are in Louisville, KY and looking for professional garbage disposal repair, contact us at The Appliance Man Kentuckiana today.