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Top 3 Tips for Preventing Winter Dryer Fires

Winter is a time to hunker down with family and friends, get cozy, and make memories. Unfortunately, winter is also a time for dryer fires. According to research conducted by the U.S. Fire Administration, the prevalence of dryer fires increases during the winter months, and most of them occur in January. The good news is that there are three tips you can implement to prevent dryer fires, so you can preserve your home and keep you and your family safe.

1. Do Not Run Your Dryer While Unsupervised

Because multiple layers of clothing are often worn to keep warm, more laundry is done during the winter. With laundry needs increasing, you may feel inclined to run your dryer while you are sleeping or running errands. However, you should never run your dryer without being alert because a spark can occur, and you need to be present to catch things to prevent an all-out fire.

2. Check That Your Dryer Vent Is Not Clogged

A clogged dryer vent can be dangerous, especially if you have a gas dryer. Gas dryers release carbon monoxide. When the vent is clogged, there is nowhere for the carbon monoxide to go, thus the gases will build up in your home. Carbon monoxide does not have any odor, so you will not be able to detect it. When there is carbon monoxide buildup in your home, this can be fatal.

Even if you do not have a gas dryer, a clogged dryer vent can cause a fire because lint can build up in the vent and cause the heat to become trapped, which could catch the lint on fire. Your dryer vent must be cleaned regularly. If it has been a year since you had your dryer vent cleaned, call an appliance repair person to come to clean your vent. Once you have had your dryer vent cleaned, set a schedule with your appliance repair person to have this task performed annually.

3. Maintain Your Smoke Detectors

It is a good idea to check your smoke detectors every year to make sure they are working optimally. Your smoke detectors will have a function that will allow you to test them. If you have any doubt about the condition of your smoke detectors, contact a home-services professional for an inspection.

Taking these steps to prevent dryer fires will guarantee that your home will remain intact and your family safe. If you are living in Louisville, KY and need drier repair or installation, contact The Appliance Man Kentuckiana to have it inspected.