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How to Keep Your Freezer Running in the Winter

No one will blame you if you believe that the cold of winter can help your freezer do its job, but that’s not necessarily true. Remember that a freezer doesn’t make cold but removes heat. Bitter outdoor temperatures can actually make your freezer work harder and even cause it to freeze up and stop working. This leaves you with a freezer full of melted or spoiled food. Fortunately, there are things you or an appliance specialist can do to make sure your freezer is properly maintained during the cold season.

Put It in a Place That’s Temperature Stable

Placing a freezer in an area with wild swings of temperature stresses it. The best ambient temperature for your freezer is usually between 50 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Read and Understand the Instruction Manual

Not all freezers are alike, and different makes and models have different instructions when it comes to their care and maintenance. Make sure that you read and understand the instruction manual that came with your unit.

Consider the Coils and the Condenser

Your freezer’s coils and condenser are responsible for taking heat away and keeping your freezer cold. Because of this, they vent a great deal of heat. This means that the freezer unit has to have an amount of clearance around it so the heat doesn’t get trapped and cause it to fail. You should also clean the condenser coils every six months. This is easy, and there are special brushes to help you do it.

Check Your Freezer’s Thermostat

The freezer’s thermostat should be set at 0 degrees F and shouldn’t fluctuate too much. If your freezer doesn’t have its own thermostat, you can check the temperature with a thermometer. Call an appliance specialist if you see wide changes in temperature.

Check the Shell and the Gasket

Make sure the shell that houses your freezer is free of cracks or leaks. You can patch tiny cracks, but large ones can strain your freezer. If a damaged gasket leads to a leak, replace it as soon as possible. Leaks let warmer air into the freezer and make it work harder than it should.

Clean Your Freezer Regularly

Cleanliness helps your freezer work efficiently. Make sure to clean the outside, the inside, and the gaskets. It’s also a good idea to defrost the freezer once in a while. Chest freezers need to be defrosted manually while uprights can be defrosted automatically or manually. Store the food in ice chests while the freezer is defrosting.

Call Us for Tips on Winter Freezer Maintenance

Winter can be as hard on a freezer as summer can, but good maintenance can help your appliance survive the season. Our professionals are pleased to give you tips and make repairs when necessary. Don’t hesitate to call us for refrigerator or freezer service at The Appliance Man Kentuckiana in Louisville, Kentucky.